Data Retention and Privacy Policy for Hollinworth & Price businesses.




Automatic Lounge Ltd, trading as Automatic Cafe and The Clarence


Wardley Ltd, trading as HOME Cafe Bar.


Data collected from you online:


From time to time people may share their contact details with us (Automatic, The Clarence, or HOME Cafe Bar) for reasons other than signing up for newsletters or more information (we cover that stuff in more detail below). If you contact us while applying or enquiring about a job we may keep your information on file for upto 12 months. And if you make contact with us by social media then of course we’ll have a record of that communication, and may respond to you via those channels.


Online tracking.


We currently use Google Analytics on The Clarence website, and hope to introduce it to the Automatic website shortly. Google Analytics is used by a vast number of websites that you visit, and it uses cookies to track your user journey. The information it gathers is anonymous, and we use it to see how many people visit the website, how they end up visiting the site, and which pages they visit once they’re there. It helps us decide what and where to do any advertising, and to learn what we need to change on the site. It doesn’t affect you at all, and you can’t be identified by us individually, but we need tell you about them.


We don’t currently use Facebook Pixels but once we figure out how to use it, we may well add this. None of this means we can personally stalk, access or otherwise abuse your privacy or data. It may help us advertise deals online to you and people with similar interests, and lets us know, for example, if we put an advert on Facebook how many people it reaches and how many of those then go on to book a table. Fancy, huh?


Data Collected For Marketing Purposes:


Data collected in person at our restaurants (via comments cards or physical print items) will only be stored or processed when the customer has expressly opted-in to receive further marketing information from the business. The physical copy of the opt-in will be stored securely on The Clarence premises for not longer than 2 years, at which point the opt-in will be considered expired if the recipient has not subsequently re-confirmed their subscription online.


Data collected which does not give express consent for further marketing communications (eg, where a comments card features contact details but opt-in has not been ticked) shall be securely disposed of once your feedback has been seen and, if necessary, responded to.


Data collected online is primarily from two sources:

  • Sign-up for marketing communications via the sign-up box on the company websites ( / A double opt-in confirmation email will be sent to all new subscribers (from May 2018), and all subscribers will continue to have the clear opportunity to update their preferences and details, and given the clear choice to unsubscribe, in all communications. Data is stored online by Mailchimp. The content of the communications will reflect a clear stated interest in the businesses products; data will not be sold, passed on or altered without the express permission of the individual affected.
  • Data collected by Resdiary when booking online for Automatic / The Clarence / HOME Restaurant. Contact details are stored and used in line with Resdiary’s own guidelines, which may include sending booking reminders or updates, and requests for post-visit feedback. Online bookers have the choice to opt-in to email communications from the restaurant, and / or from the group.
    • Data collected before 26 May 2018 will be contacted once only via email and given a clear choice to opt-in to further communications.
    • In line with good practice, we consider consent to be lapsed after 18 months; data collected prior to December 2016 will be not considered live data and will not be contacted, even if opted-in at the time. This data may still be stored within the resdiary system, and will potentially be used for essential booking activities if the customer books again, but will not be exported or used for marketing communications until fresh permission is given.
    • Bookers on Resdiary are given a clear choice to opt in for news from the restaurant at which they make their booking, and for news from Automatic Lounge Ltd; selecting the latter will add you to the mailing list for our group of restaurants. The list is called ‘The Social’ and it’s rather worthwhile, but of course you will have the same rights to amend or remove your data, and it will all be covered by this same policy.


Both Mailchimp and Resdiary have been doing lots of work to ensure the way their platforms store and process data are GDPR-compliant (ironically, we know this because of the vast number of emails they send about it). If we change suppliers for this and have to move your data to any other platform we’ll update this page and let you know.


When You Book Over The Phone we still make a record of any details you give us, in order to make sure we a) know who has booked what, for when and b) we can contact you to confirm your booking if necessary or advise you of any other issues that may arise which affect your booking. These details are stored in the Resdiary system. You may be asked if you want to sign up for our mailing list while you are on the phone. We’re working to add a double opt-in process via email for this, but you will always have the clear option to unsubscribe whenever you receive an email from us.


For clarity, the details you provide to us when booking a meal at HOME or filling in a comments card are held separately to those you provide to HOME (Greater Manchester Arts Centre Ltd) when you book any performance there or join their mailing list. We are working to improve the clarity of this for customers. In the meantime you can see the HOME (GMAC Ltd) privacy policy at


Customers can update, amend or withdraw their data for marketing purposes at any time, and clear unsubscribe links will be provided in each email communication. Sign-up online via the company websites is subject to a double opt-in process. Sign-up via 3rd party platforms such as booking devices may not be subject to double opt-in. Sign-up in person via comments cards will not trigger a double opt-in email; records of consent will be kept in line with the policy above.


If you want to disappear from our records you can unsubscribe at any time with the relevant link in any email we send you. Alternatively email us using if you’d like us to 100% destroy all information we have about you and we’ll do our best to get rid of whatever we can find (it might be old data about table bookings, or a record in Mailchimp that shows when you unsubscribed – whatever it is it won’t be being used by anyone).