Brunch Hunting in Bury

The space between breakfast and lunch used to be the absolute worst part of any day. And then some genius invented brunch! A legitimate 4th meal slipped into the daily grind; a place to savour some deliciousness after breakfast has got you out of the house, filling the long wait until lunch with a chance to start the day again, properly.

Smashed avocado on sourdough, with rocket, chilli flakes, poached egg and bacon.

The new Automatic breakfast menu is an exercise in brunch perfection. There are simple breakfast butties and scrambled eggs on sourdough when you need to bolster your breakfast. Make a meal of it with a full brunch (substitute sausages and bacon for veggie sausages and grilled halloumi for a meat-free option) or the classic eggs bennie with bacon or salmon. And of course we’re offering smashed Avocado on sourdough, serving ours with a poached egg, rocket and chilli flakes.

And for when you REALLY need your brunch to do something extra for you, there are new options almost guaranteed to sort you right out.

Under doctor’s orders we’d suggest the Brunch Burger: sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese with hash brown, poached egg and tomato with baked beans, on a brioche bun. Generously we’d call it a ‘recovery’ breakfast, but for any customers of a delicate disposition it’s our secret hangover cure. We can’t guarantee you’ll be feeling human again, but you’ll stand a better chance with this lot inside you.

Steak & Egg

If you just need to get some protein and iron to sort you out go for our Steak & Egg. A 6oz Sirloin (pink, or cooked through) with sauteed potatoes, grilled cherry plum tomatoes and a poached egg on top. Pair it with a Bloody Mary (or a Virgin Mary) for maximum recovery. And if you need some sugar to perk you up, we offer a stack of homemade buttermilk pancakes, with either banana and toffee topped with mascarpone OR streaky bacon and maple syrup.

And the best news? This menu is now available ALL DAY SUNDAY. So take your time with a lazy Sunday morning, or afternoon, visit to Automatic and work your way through a seriously lifesaving breakfast at a time to suit you.

Breakfast is served Monday – Saturday 10am – 11.30am, and ALL DAY SUNDAY. Read the full menu here.