What Do You Need To Say To Your Mum This Sunday?

Mums. They’re great, right? You start life being a (literally) massive pain for them and, if you’re lucky, they’ll still be the best person in your life. Dispenser of advice, live-in chef, taxi service, source of comfort and friendship, mender of things, life coach, sports coach, on-tap babysitter and head cheerleader for Team You.

By now, however old you are, you probably owe your Mum an apology, a thank you, and admission of guilt, and at the very least a nice meal out to say any or all of the above.

At Automatic we’re here to help you out on Mother’s Day (Sunday 11 March). We can’t buy a cheesy card on your behalf, but we can offer great food, friendly service and an experience for you and Mum (or the whole family) to remember. As well as our usual tasty menu we’ll be doing a special Mothering Sunday Roast and some delicious desserts just like Mum would make (except she won’t have to).

We’re offering Roast Beef or Roast Pork with all the trimmings for £10.95. Our Chef Matt’s homemade apple crumble (£4.95) and cheesecake (£4.95) are enough to make any mother proud.

You just need to remember to book the table (and maybe pay for the meal, without borrowing the money off her first).

If you’re having any problems booking online or prefer to talk to us directly, give us a call on 0161 763 9399.